SM Moments Throughout The Years #FamFirstAtSM

My kids, my family are my top priorities. They are the primary reason why I work extra hard and stay up late at night to earn a bit more. This way, I could provide their growing needs. Their happiness are my happiness and my sacrifices are for their convenience. Pag masaya sila, masaya na rin ako. What makes them really happy is when I finally tell them, "Pupunta tayo sa SM bukas!" You should see the look on their faces, a mixture of surprise and excitement. It's something that I would love to see everyday. Then, my kids would sleep early the night before and wake up early the next day with eagerness. They'd finish their plate, take a bath and wear their best clothes. We'd go to the terminal and wait patiently for the van to leave (which usually takes an hour). How I wish the nearest SM is not 2 hours (utmost) away from us. 

SM Supermalls has always been a part of my summer ever since I had my kids. When summer approaches, I wish I have gcs to spend for them so I could buy them new toys that would keep them busy and productive during the long summer break. Thankfully, SM offers great discounts on a wide range of children's items hence I get to save cash. It's a huge relief for moms-on-a-budget like me. Now, let me show you some of my favorite SM summer moments throughout the years.

Summer 2012. My kids having a blast at SM City Lucena. "The Amazing Summer" says the background.

2012. Having a cool time playing at the plastic pool from Toy Kingdom.

2014. Having fun with Papa at SM City Lucena.

2015. More fun moments at SM World's of Fun.

2016. Shopping for new toys, clothes at SM City Lucena

This year 2017, I don't want to miss the chance to create more SM Moments with my kids regardless of the distance of the nearest mall. SM Supermalls offers numerous activities for the entire family. Truly, Everything's Here! We made arts and crafts, played chess, and watched movies at home inspired by the summer activities offered by SM. Spending more time with my kids make it the happiest summer moment I had. #SuperSummerAtSM2017

DIY Paperdoll Closet. My daughter and I made a mini-closet out of milk carton and hanger from paperclips.

Papa and son playing chess. Bought the chessboard at Toy Kingdom.

Matchy-matchy summer outfits with my daughter. #SuperMoms

SM Supermalls value the importance of family. My priorities. They have everything you need for your family, and not just the material things but also the important things like bringing happiness, fun, excitement, entertainment and more that strengthens the bond of every family. It's really #FamFirstAtSM. That's why we keep coming here. I want to see their happy faces when we shop for new clothes at the department store, try new shoes, get new toys and fill the grocery cart of every food they like. They got it all for you. Everything's here. They value what you love, they value families. They keep us together in one place to shop, dine and eat. That's why we love it here.

For more updates about SM Supermalls' fun family activities and events, visit and follow its official social media pages on Facebook (, Twitter (, and Instagram (; and get an insider access to all the fun happenings at SM Supermalls nationwide through Viber ( and Snapchat. You may share your Super Summer moments inside the SM Supermalls by posting your photos on social media and adding the hashtag #SuperSummerAtSM2017.


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