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Change The Way You See Friendship

Friends are like stars; you may not see them often, but you know they are always there.
High school friends are the best. That's because they accepted you for who you are and you've been through a lot together; They were the ones who wiped your tears away when you had your first major heartbreak; they were the ones who tried to give you a makeover when you had that breakup fever; literally, they are the people who made you feel beautiful despite your imperfections so you started loving yourself with flaws and all. Thus, it is very heartbreaking when you stopped seeing your friends because they got busy with their lives; working to earn a living or to get that promotion, making new relationships or building new friendships, trying to make a new baby or finding their luck abroad. Then, you meet new people and made new friends, but then you remember your high school friends and you felt that prick of pain again. And you wonder how they were able to go on with their lives without …