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Rekindle The Romance: Secrets To A Long-Lasting Relationship

Twelve years ago, I could still remember everything as if it was yesterday. I was on my way to school that rainy afternoon in September 2005. I was in a hurry. I was late for class. I was always late. For some reason, I could never be early. I had house chores, I was the first child but I was a good student. Although our high school was just a few distance away from home, our classroom was located at the mountain site. Once you enter the school gate, you still have to take the stairs that lead to the extension classrooms for the third year and fourth-year students. It started to rain hard when I arrived at the bottom of the stairs. I was thinking of going back because the steps look slippery to climb when someone at the back called for me. I turned around, then I saw HIM. He was standing there, already half-soaked up. He gestured if I could share my umbrella. I nodded. He smiled and ran towards my direction. My umbrella was quite small but it was the only umbrella…

Money Making & Budgeting Tips For Young Parents

Four years ago, my husband and I decided to move out of my parents' home and tried to make our own. I knew it wouldn't be easy since we were both young, only 23, had two kids ages 3 and 5, and we both don't have a stable job then. Since we no longer wanted to be a burden to my parents, we just did it. My husband was working as a driver while I work as a home-based freelance writer. We rented a small apartment and tried to make ends meet. We did all the necessary pagtitipid. I wasabout to go back to college then. I needed to earn my diploma so I could land a stable job and be able to give my kids a better future. I enrolled at the community college. I transferred my son to a public school. I didn't hire a nanny, a maid. I did all the house chores, laundry, everything and I saved a fortune. It was possible for me since I knew how to manage my time wisely, and my classes were very convenient. It starts at 4 pm and ends at 8 pm, thus I was able to work things out. Husband…

The Pros & Cons Of Saving Thru A Piggy bank, Passbook & Debit card

It was the year 1995 when I started earning a portion of my daily baon. I was seven, in grade two and had fifteen pesos a day to spent. Ten pesos in the morning, five pesos in the afternoon. I couldn't remember why I decided to deprive myself of my entire baon but I remember exactly HOW I was able to earn. My Php15.00 can go a long way in 1995. It could buy me a sandwich, pancake, pineapple juice and some hard candies. Instead of splurging my baon, I kept it. I saved it all. To be able to have a meal during recess, I take some pandesal from breakfast or carrots. Back then, mother usually buys a carrot (it doesn't cost much in the 90s) for dinner, I ask some and grate it in the morning, pack it and eat it for recess. My teacher was so proud of me when she saw me eating fresh carrots one day. A month later, I was able to earn more or less one hundred pesos from my carrot diet. Mother was so proud of me when she learned about it. Later, she asked if she could borrow it for pamal…

3 Steps To Solve Your Financial Problem

Financial problem is the most common problem among employees. I consider myself as an employee although I work at home as a freelance writer. I have a boss, my editor, and co-workers, my co-writers. I work in the comfort of my home yet I have a spot designated for my workspace. I earn a minimum of 148.29/day or I could double it to 296.58 pesos. I could earn as much as 7,711.08/month. On the other hand, my husband earns a minimum of 300 pesos up to 500 pesos a day. Let's say he earns a minimum of 300 pesos a day, he earns 9,000/month. When we combine our earnings, we have 16,711.08 to spend for our basic needs. How do we solve our financial problem based on our monthly earnings? 
Financial planning solution:
#1 Avoid overspending.
The first step in any financial solution is not to overspend. Sometimes, I tend to overspend our budget when doing groceries. I buy a jar instead of a pack, a kilo instead of a half. I should stick to our grocery list. The budget bundle sold at the groc…

SM Celebrates Kids' Month in 64 Malls Nationwide

SM Kids' Month 2017. With Bae-by Baste as Shopmag's adorable October cover boy, SM Supermalls unwraps new and exciting happenings in 64 malls nationwide with the launch of SM Kids' Month. Apart from kiddie treats and big discounts on kids' toys, clothes, and shoes, this season packs three fun-filled celebrations especially designed for our beloved kids - SM's first Super Kids Day on October 1,  United Nations Day, and the well-loved Halloween. (Photo courtesy of SM Shopmag)
SM Celebrates Kids' Month in 64 Malls Nationwide
SM Supermalls unboxes new happenings for kids and kids at heart this October with the launch of Kids' Month in 64 malls nationwide. At a media launch titled SM Super Kids Day held last October 1 held at SM City Fairview, the retail giant announced a season packed with fun-filled celebrations especially designed for kids like United Nations Day and the well-loved Halloween.
A fun and exciting field day where kids and the whole fami…