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Make Gift Giving Hassle-Free with GC Regalo!

As much as I love receiving gifts from family and friends, I also love giving away gifts to them. I get excited when I think of how they would react when they finally unwrap my precious gift. They would either laugh, cry, smile or tease me for it. In the end, I get that loving feeling when they appreciate my gift. I don't say I am a gift guru myself, besides we don't have GIFT GIVING CLASS 101 in college but I still get amused as I watch the salesperson wrap my gift in one minute. I say, perhaps over the years I have learned the knack on giving gifts for special occasions like birthdays, anniversary, Christmas and even on ordinary days when you just want to send sweet nothings to someone special. How? Okay, let me spill the beans...

1) Know their likes or needs
If only we could sneak into Santa's mailbox it would be easier to know what your receiver would like. What does he/she likes for Christmas or for his next bir…