Why Sony's EXTRA BASS line-up perfect for Electronic Dance Music

Last year my cousins played for one of the baluartes competing in celebration of our town fiesta. I've never been so proud of my cousins since I saw them play live. They turned an instant street party! It was so much fun. They played from sunset to evening and people were waiting for more when they had to end the "mini concert". I, too felt bitin perhaps because we had to wait since it took them an hour or so to set everything, the musical instruments and all. But everything is worth the wait for they really played well and got us all entertained considering they were young, college freshmen. How I wish I had a portable speaker that time that can cater to their needs. That way, they could have started earlier so waiting time is avoided. They used huge speakers kasi to ensure loud, bold sound throughout the concert since they were playing outdoors. However, they had to pack up earlier also because it looked like it was going to rain. Thus, we asked for more.

I need speakers that is perfect for music festival like this. A speaker that can take our partying to the next level. It has to be long-lasting if we plan to party all day and all night. It has to be portable if we want to party outdoors. Most importantly, it has to be water-resistant suppose we plan to have a beach party or pool party. Where else can I find a speaker like no other? At SONY, right? Sony's EXTRA BASS line-up is perfected for Electronic Music Dance with powerful deep bass and party lighting.

This Sony's Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB30 will take your entertainment to the next level with its vibrant features: (1) flashy lights, multicolored line light and flashing strobe perfect for night parties; (2) Compact (small & light) wireless, movable thus you can take it anywhere, anytime; (3) Long battery life, 24 hours nonstop music playing (a voice feedback will tell you when to recharge); (4) Can connect up to 10 wireless speaker via Bluetooth technology; (5) Easy control with Sony Music Center so you can manage it through your smartphone.

What are we waiting for? Let's get the party started!


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