The Best Night-Out I Had In College (Ohh, I love the Night Life!)

I must admit night life has been a huge part of college life. The usual Friday night gathering with friends over a few drinks for there were still tons of things to talk about though we see each other everyday. I had a few good nights-out with friends over the last four years in college. Though the best night-out I had in college happened before we started our internship. We thoroughly enjoyed the party! We made the most out of it dahil fourth-year (students) na kami! "We won't be experiencing this next year!" we reminded ourselves so we danced throughout the night.

After 12 and a couple of drinks, they, I mean we, partied hard!
Kumpleto shot with my college besties! #Squadgoalsyan!

Groupie! (Me: Please don't move, it gets blurry!)

I was just a bit disappointed because I wasn't able to take good photos throughout the party considering I was using a 16.2 megapixels digital camera with 10x lens. I say, my digicam does take good quality photos in broad daylight. However, when it comes to taking photos at night or dark, you cannot guarantee that it would be as crisp and clear. One more thing, I like to apply filters on my photos which I never had problems for photos taken in daylight but with photos taken in the dark, yay! the filters were so obvious. You know how much we wanted our photos to look natural (with filters). This could have been avoided if I were using an OPPO A37 #SelfieExpert Smartphone. HOW? Two major reasons...

#1. It takes perfect selfies even on low light! The A37's display can emit a flash to brighten your face on low light. Using a light-sensitive sensor that adjust the screen brightness perfectly to your face, the A37 will allow you to take great selfies regardless of the light conditions. 

#2. It has 8 megapixel rear camera: Wonderful Night Shot. It features an Ultra-HD shooting mode for capturing exceptionally clear and detailed gives pictures a vivid depth and detail, a large aperture enhances low-light and night-shot performance.

I highly recommend this phone to those who have an active night life if you want to achieve the best night-out and IG-worthy photos. You may check-out other promising features of OPPO A37 here:


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