Change The Way You See Friendship

Friends are like stars; you may not see them often, but you know they are always there.

High school friends are the best. That's because they accepted you for who you are and you've been through a lot together; They were the ones who wiped your tears away when you had your first major heartbreak; they were the ones who tried to give you a makeover when you had that breakup fever; literally, they are the people who made you feel beautiful despite your imperfections so you started loving yourself with flaws and all. Thus, it is very heartbreaking when you stopped seeing your friends because they got busy with their lives; working to earn a living or to get that promotion, making new relationships or building new friendships, trying to make a new baby or finding their luck abroad. Then, you meet new people and made new friends, but then you remember your high school friends and you felt that prick of pain again. And you wonder how they were able to go on with their lives without even dropping a "hi!" or "hello!" when they visit town, so you just hope for, "perhaps, another time!" Maybe, you were just too sentimental. Can't you be happy for them? Of course, you were. You just missed them. When I think of my friends, I remember how we used to spend lazy afternoons at home cooking instant noodles and fried rice with "pritong talong". Then, we would eat without spoons; using our bare hands. And now, we were all grown up, making our own ways and writing our journals without each other's prying eyes.

But we all have to move on with our lives. We can't let them stay in one place. No matter how much we love our friends, we have to let them go so they could grow. But that doesn't mean that we have to cut the strings that bind us together. We may not see them often, we know they are always there. They are either a text, call or an email away. Thanks to the introduction of internet, facebook and other social media pages, plus handheld phones - it is now easier to reconnect with our good ol' friends.

Now, I don't have to feel bad whenever I don't see my friends personally because they send me pictures of their new happiness, new love, new adventures, new-found beauty and even, new friendships. I realized, I don't have to be selfish; I have to share my friends with other people so they could touch their lives too! Being away from my friends has caused me pain but it has changed the way I see friendship. It's not just about being together most of the time but also making lasting memories regardless of the distance.

I just wish I could share better photos with my friends because they too are like my parents; they get proud seeing my achievements. With the aid of Huawei P9, that is possible because it can Change The Way You See Mobile Photography for it has camera co-engineered with Leica. It has dual-lenses that produces high quality photos and allow users to take amazing monochrome, slo-mo, colored, light painting photos among others.


I also made new friends in college though it was not as deeply-rooted I had in high school, perhaps because we were caught up with reports, deadlines and presentations. Yet I am very thankful I met these happy people who made boring hours at school more fun and exciting.We always had a good laugh together and they made college life easier for me.

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