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Live with the King

How does it feels like to live with the King?
It must be very luxurious to live with the King because one can provide you all the luxuries and convenience you need. You have easy access to everything. You don't need to move an inch because everything is on the palm of your hand. It will be provided to you. Similarly, that is one of my top favorite features of the King Android, Huawei Nexus 6P.
+ The best of Google in the palm of your hand (Search, Maps, Play, YouTube, GMail, etc.)

A person who lives with the king must feel absolutely protected knowing that there are royal guards that protects your highness 24/7 but also the king can protect himself. The same way, King Android has +Iconic hardware design made of 3D curved glass, diamond chamfers, aluminum unibody, etc. It can stand the test of time and even resist harmful factors. It can protect itself.

The king must be fast performing; someone who is always busy and productive. He must for the welfare of his kingdom. The same way,…