How to be a #SelfieExpert

Taking a selfie has been a part of our daily lives. Whether we feel happy, sad, excited, nervous, bored, irritated - we take a selfie as a documentation of our feelings and more of our experiences. We take a selfie regardless of where we are (bathroom selfies are very popular these days!) and to lighten up a situation. Stuck in traffic, again? Take a selfie then, you'll instantly feel better afterwards esp when you gain a lot of likes and loves from your friends and followers. Suppose you love taking selfies so much, you must know how to take that perfect shot. Not yet? Well then, here are five tips on how to take the perfect selfie.

1.Take your selfie Outdoors.

To look naturally fresh and pretty, you must take your selfies outdoors where there is enough light or sunlight.
This will help make your skin look smooth and fair in pictures. You will achieve that natural glow, thanks to the sunlight though.

2. Pose like a Pro.

Get inspiration from glossy magazines on how to make a pose before taking that shot.
You can also recreate your own poses. Pretend you were actually doing a photo shoot.

3. Play with your camera.

Suit yourself! Have fun taking photos.
You'll be surprised to see that you look absolutely better and gorgeous when you are actually happy and having fun.

4. Use an Outstanding good selfie camera phone.

Nothing beats a selfie using a good camera phone. If you want to take that perfect shot you need to use a camera with clear front cam. It is highly advisable to use an 8 megapixel front camera to get a clear and crisp shot. Also, have you noticed when you apply filters on a photo it gets blurry afterwards? That usually happens when you use a camera with low quality front cam: the photo seems to have broken lines. This can be avoided when you use the new OPPO F1 Selfie Expert camera phone which has 8 megapixel front camera with f/2.0 aperture lens and a sensor size of 1/4 inches. It is 30% clearer than a 5MP camera and 44% brighter than an f/2.4 lens. OPPO F1 comes with a Beautify 3.0 feature that has the power to brighten and remove blemishes on skin (on your pictures!) and with its Screen Flash feature you can stay bright, clear and natural even on low-light. OPPO F1 is truly an essential for taking perfect-looking selfies.

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5. Feel beautiful, look beautiful.

When you look beautiful you'd definitely feel beautiful, and vice versa. It does not hurt to wear a little makeup and do your hair to look pretty in your selfie. In fact, it does help a lot. When you feel pretty, you gain confidence and when you are confident there seems to have a little light inside you that makes you glow outside. That way, you don't need to apply too much filter on your photo. Anyway, when it comes to filters I usually use in-app filter choices on my phone and on Instagram. My favorite filters on IG are called Gingham, Reyes and Rise. Hope that helps!

The next time you take a selfie, keep in mind these tips to get that perfect shot. O-utdoor P-ose P-lay O-utstanding (camera phone) and F1 for feel beautiful. Say cheese!


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