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'Tis the Season to be SEPHORA Glammin'

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout I'm telling you why! Santa Claus is coming to town with a beauty stash to grant my wish list! Whether I wanted a naughty or nice look this season - I'll achieve it. Tis the season to be Sephora glammin!

Here are my TOP 3 HOLIDAY LOOK INSPIRATION I cut out from a magazine.
GLAM-PARTY LOOK #1 "Naughty" I found Santa's loot for naughty girls at!

For a kissable pout, I got this Sephora Collection Color Lip Last Lipstick "18 All you need is red". I can have that fuller-looking pout. This lipstick has "high coverage pigments, water and smudge-proof formula, and creamy, thin and lightweight texture." To achieve that glam curled lashes for a sexy glow, I think this Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mini is perfect! I can have curled lashes for 12 hours. Since it is easy to remove and travel-sized, I don't have to worry about anything. And...for a shine-free finish, I like to use

Let's Spread Happy!

You cannot buy happiness but you can give them. How is it possible? Simply because giving brings you genuine happiness. Now, you can spread happiness through Enervon. If you want to surprise someone and make them happy, you can go to to send them a "Happy Pack". You don't have to buy them, you can get them for free and send them to your loved ones. Let's spread happy! It's easy to send a Happy Pack to your loved ones thru the site. You just have to fill-up the form and the Enervon team will take care of the delivery. They will deliver the pack to your special someone's doorstep. I just got my Happy Pack a few weeks ago. Thank you to whoever sent them!

My Happy Pack. 8 pieces of Enervon capsules.

I've been taking Enervon for many years now. I prefer Enervon over other multivitamins because upon taking it I don't feel too exhausted though I've got piles of work to do, plus I feel motivated. It gives me that energy boost I needed fo…

Change The Way You See Friendship

Friends are like stars; you may not see them often, but you know they are always there.
High school friends are the best. That's because they accepted you for who you are and you've been through a lot together; They were the ones who wiped your tears away when you had your first major heartbreak; they were the ones who tried to give you a makeover when you had that breakup fever; literally, they are the people who made you feel beautiful despite your imperfections so you started loving yourself with flaws and all. Thus, it is very heartbreaking when you stopped seeing your friends because they got busy with their lives; working to earn a living or to get that promotion, making new relationships or building new friendships, trying to make a new baby or finding their luck abroad. Then, you meet new people and made new friends, but then you remember your high school friends and you felt that prick of pain again. And you wonder how they were able to go on with their lives without …

Change The Way You See Happiness

For a mother like me, happiness is seeing your child happy and contented, and well. More often than not it requires us, parents, to buy them what they want so you could paint those happy smiles on their faces. I have read random quotes that says money cannot buy happiness but it can buy toys and treats for your kids, and you could take them to various places and these things makes them happy! So how can I make them happy? Well, this picture changed the way I see happiness...

"Lawlaw, our housedog gave birth to eight very cute puppies! My kids made a lot of fuss about it and were very excited. They started naming the puppies already. These simple joys in life gave me a new perspective on happiness. Thanks to my kids."

In relation to this, did you know that the can Huawei P9 can Change The Way You See Mobile Photography?That's because Huawei P9's camera is co-engineered with Leica. It has dual lenses that produces high quality photos and allow users to take them to mon…

How I Make Worklife Easier

Stressed when spelled out backwards is read as desserts. They say when you are feeling stressed you have to eat desserts, but that alone is not enough to combat stress. I, for instance, is a very busy person for I'm not just a mom of two active kids; I'm also a student, a graduating college student, actually, and a freelance article writer. My days are always filled with various chores. I always find myself bouncing from one place to another. Surprisingly, despite the heavy work load and hectic schedules I managed to get good grades in school, I still earn some from my online writing job, and most importantly, I make sure the kids were okay before they get to school, the house is clean when the husband gets home and there's no more laundry in the basket. Now, I can prepare for school because I have class from 4pm to 8pm. I just wished I won't get sick or else, who would do my duties? But hey! I've been doing this for the last four years!
Have you every wondered &q…

Live with the King

How does it feels like to live with the King?
It must be very luxurious to live with the King because one can provide you all the luxuries and convenience you need. You have easy access to everything. You don't need to move an inch because everything is on the palm of your hand. It will be provided to you. Similarly, that is one of my top favorite features of the King Android, Huawei Nexus 6P.
+ The best of Google in the palm of your hand (Search, Maps, Play, YouTube, GMail, etc.)

A person who lives with the king must feel absolutely protected knowing that there are royal guards that protects your highness 24/7 but also the king can protect himself. The same way, King Android has +Iconic hardware design made of 3D curved glass, diamond chamfers, aluminum unibody, etc. It can stand the test of time and even resist harmful factors. It can protect itself.

The king must be fast performing; someone who is always busy and productive. He must for the welfare of his kingdom. The same way,…

How to be a #SelfieExpert

Taking a selfie has been a part of our dailylives. Whether we feel happy, sad, excited, nervous, bored, irritated - we take a selfie as a documentation of our feelings and more of our experiences. We take a selfie regardless of where we are (bathroom selfies are very popular these days!) and to lighten up a situation. Stuck in traffic, again? Take a selfie then, you'll instantly feel better afterwards esp when you gain a lot of likes and loves from your friends and followers. Suppose you love taking selfies so much, you must know how to take that perfect shot. Not yet? Well then, here are five tips on how to take the perfect selfie.
1.Take your selfie Outdoors.

To look naturally fresh and pretty, you must take your selfies outdoors where there is enough light or sunlight.
This will help make your skin look smooth and fair in pictures. You will achieve that natural glow, thanks to the sunlight though.

2. Pose like a Pro.

Get inspiration from glossy magazines on how to make a pose be…