Taking Gifting to the Next Level

Christmas time brings a lot of good memories of my childhood. I remember, my and siblings I used to hang our school socks at the window on Christmas eve. Then, we would wait for Santa to come along to drop our presents until mommy would send us to bed. On Christmas day we kids would hurry to see what Santa has brought us this time: one shiny red apple, a handful of candies and a 20-peso bill for each of us. Actually, I don't expect much from Santa. Times were hard. I thought we were still lucky for Santa didn't forget to send us some gifts since there were thousands of children who wrote him a letter and sent their Christmas wishes.

Now that I'm already a mother I still feel excited over Christmas because of my kids. Their papa and I play secret Santa each year just like my parents did for me and my siblings back then. I start earning for their Christmas presents before December arrives. I make sure that once they check out their Christmas socks they would be happy to see it filled with candies, chocolates and more. I carefully wrap their presents when they were finally sound asleep. This year, I wish I could grant their Christmas wishes. It's not simply a matter of giving them what they want but also making them believe (not just in Santa Claus) and of course, making them happy.

My daughter wants to receive this Baby Alive doll from Toy Kingdom. I remember I have always wanted one of these when I was a kid but it was beyond mommy's budget. Truly, this toy is every girl's dream. On the other hand, my son wanted to have one of these Lego toys. He could spend hours assembling these pieces.

In addition, both of them wanted a new bicycle, so here you go kids. I wish I could give it to you earlier this year. 

I never forget my family when it comes to gifting. We've been through a lot so we learned to appreciate any gift, big or small.

Daddy, I want to give you this portable Toshiba hard drive. I know that you needed more space for your new downloads and software. With this hard drive you don't have to worry about saving space anymore on your computer.

For mommy, I know how much you love wearing wristwatches so I'm choosing this Timex wristwatch for you. It looks very elegant and it would suit any of your school uniforms.

For my sister Louise, I overheard you nag mommy about new shoes so I wanted to give you this Skechers +3 hidden wedge shoes for Christmas. I know you'll love them because it's so chic. You would look a bit taller as well.

To my brothers Owen and Dennis, I am aware that you also want new shoes. I want to give these Vans shoes for each of you. Can't wait to see you wearing it with beaming faces!

And of course, how could I forget? Papa. You've been playing basketball since the day I met you. Hence, I want to give this Adidas shoes so that you'll have something comfortable to wear when playing.

As for me, here are a few things on my wish list.

Books. I want new books to read. I'm a big fan of Carolyn Keene's Nancy Drew stories. I've read a couple of books from the collection so I want a new addition to my growing library.

Pony shoes. I could use new shoes as well. I want something pretty to wear at school like a pair of Pony shoes. These are pretty, indeed. It looks good on me. I could wear it with basic white shirt and fitted pants.

 My very own printer. I badly needed a new printer for school purposes. This Epson L-Series ink tank multi function compact printer is exactly what I need. A college student like me has a lot of paper works to do. I need to print those out, I can save more if I had my own printer and I can earn extra cash from printing.

I found this post on @smsupermalls IG account, I believe it is very helpful in choosing gifts for the entire family.
I have this little project in mind... I came up with this idea last year but was not able to raise funds for it earlier. Perhaps, I could make it happen this year! I want to give away some Christmas presents to our school employees, specifically, the janitors or utility persons at school, security guards, gardeners, drivers, student assistants, and even the vendors that I met and befriended at the community college where I am finishing my Bachelor's Degree. I believe they all deserve a Christmas treat! Perhaps, we (I, with the help of my school friends) could prepare a Thanksgiving dinner for them as well.

Christmas is not about receiving, it's about giving.

How about you? How do you plan to give back to others this Christmas? Why not take part in Merry SM Christmas campaign which is the SM Cares Bears of Joy Campaign. For just Php 200, you get to keep one bear and donate the other to children from various orphanages and charitable institutions through the SM Cares Program. 

“For more updates about this year’s “Merry SM Christmas” campaign, visit SM’s official Christmas microsite (https://www.smsupermalls.com/merrysmchristmas2015) and follow its official social media accounts at Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/smsupermalls), Twitter (https://twitter.com/smsupermalls), and Instagram (https://instagram.com/smsupermalls/); and get an insider access to all the fun happenings at SM Supermalls nationwide through Viber (http://chats.viber.com/SMsupermalls). Shoppers can actively share their holiday merriments inside the SM Supermalls by posting their photos on social media and adding the hashtag #MerrySMChristmas2015.”


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