5 Tips to Boost Your Immunity during the Holidays

Less than 30 days before Christmas and that means Christmas rush, isn't it? We have a few more days to prepare for everything such as buy presents and wrap it in fancy Christmas wrappers, then plan for Noche Buena and Christmas day, as well as attend Christmas parties and family reunions. Well, as for me, I have a lot of things to accomplish on my To Do list, since I have three roles: mother, student and home-based writer.

As a mother I have to... plan out the budget for my kids' Christmas party at school since I have to buy them new clothes and gifts for their classmates and teacher, plan the Christmas dinner and celebration at home, surprise kids with gifts from Santa Mama and Papa, and then plan for Nat's 8th birthday on December 31. In addition, we are also the host for this year's family reunion. As a college student I need to... submit all the requirements at school before Christmas break which includes a big book project for Developmental Reading 2, reflection papers on Educ 103 and of course, pass the prelim exams. And as a home-based writer I must... write at least 6 articles of 250-300 words daily so I can keep my job and earn money.

Ahhh! I have to make sure I won't get sick during the holidays to be able to accomplish these things. However, the unpredictable weather make it more difficult though. So, how can I stay strong and healthy despite the holiday stress?

Here are 5 Tips to Boost Your Immunity during the Holidays

Fruits which are rich in antioxidants helps strengthen the immune system. These are blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, oranges, red grapes, cherries, kiwi and mango. Red grapes are low calorie snack. If you add them in your daily diet you can boost your immune system to avoid sickness.

Find ways to exercise daily no matter how busy you are. For instance, walk to the nearest bakeshop to buy pandesal in the morning (that's what I do!) instead of riding a tricyle. Walking is the easiest form of exercise. It promotes good posture and helps improve the lungs, as well as strengthen the legs. Think of creative ways to exercise such as jogging around the block, walking the dog, swimming and gardening.

Undoubtedly, the Christmas rush can cause stress because there are a lot of demands. Shopping alone is time-and-energy-consuming and you still have to wrap those gifts. If you were feeling a bit stressed lately due to pressure, then you should sit down and try desserts. Did you know that stressed is read as desserts backwards? It effectively relieves stress and it's perfectly okay to eat desserts as reward to your accomplishments these holidays. Just watch out your sugar intake, though.

Though I have a lot of things to accomplish during this holiday season I take a break once in a while. It is unhealthy for your mind and body to keep pushing yourself to finish tasks quickly. Work badly done is worse than work undone. Take your time yet avoid procrastinating to avoid cramming. A 15-minute break every hour will help recharge your mind and body. Take power naps. Sip tea. Do some stretches right at your work station. Small things can mean a lot.

I take Fern-C an immune-system booster and a potent antioxidant. It is a non-acidic Vitamin C which helps in tissue/wound healing. Each capsule contains: Sodium Ascorbate 568.18 mg (as Ascorbic Acid 500 mg). As an antioxidant it fights away free radicals in the body to prevent sickness and keep you healthy.

I choose to take Sodium Ascorbate vs. Vitamin C because it has ascorbic acid in combination with sodium. It has contents that balances the acidity of ascorbic acid. Vitamin C usually causes stomach upset. Since sodium ascorbate comes in capsule it is easier to absorb and it dissolves quickly than Vitamin C tablets. Furthermore, study shows that sodium ascorbate stays longer in the body thus shortening the duration of colds. Thus, taking Fern-C everyday helps boost your immunity.

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Stress-Free Christmas with Fern C

by maryjadeanne

I want a stress-free holiday
With treats and loads of games to play
Get happy everyday
Be healthy all the way

Yet my days are filled with activities
Lots of things on my to do list
How can I accomplish?
It's getting bed-weather days

I could catch cough and colds
I should stay home, of course!
But I have to finish things or else...
Now I'm feeling stressed

Wait, I see!
Take Sodium Ascorbate Fern-C
Helps strengthen immune system
Gives added immunity

Happy days come to me
Does not matter if I get busy
As long as I'm strong and healthy
Stress-Free Christmas with Fern-C!

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