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How to get beautiful #ANNEderarms

I started plucking at age 15, later I switched to shaving. I'm quite hairy that hair starts to grow quickly a week after shaving. Both ways plucking and shaving has caused my underarms to darken, roughen and develop chicken skin. I tried various products to treat my underarm problems such as whitening creams and deodorant, and even natural remedies like salt and lemon extracts. I tried but nothing works... Due to various underarm problems I lost the confidence to wear fancy tops hence I just suit myself wearing longer sleeves. So I decided to try this Belo Beauty Deo which includes a deo by day and whitening cream at night. After two consecutive weeks I noticed the dramatic effect. I'm getting beautiful #ANNEderarms! I used to have chicken skin yet now it has smoothen and my underarms is getting whiter and fairer everyday. My self-confidence is boosting and I am no longer hesitant to flaunt my underarms.
Did you know? The Beauty Deo solves all underarm problems like sweat, odor…

Finding my dream home at Property24

I've always wanted to have my own house.. My parents were never able to save up on a new house because they invest most of their hard-earned money for our education. They don't have high-paying jobs either so getting a new house seems like impractical for the moment. We used to live in a one-bedroom apartment unit so ever since I was a kid I wanted to have my own room. My siblings and I share in a narrow bed when we were kids. We share rooms with our parents as well. You can imagine how uncomfortable and inconvenient for us to sleep together all in one room.
Perhaps, you were wondering how my dream house looks like. Okay, when I dream I try to be realistic as possible because I wanted to achieve that dream in a few years time. I'm dreaming of a two-storey house with four bedrooms, one for each of my kids, a guestroom and one for us, parents. Of course, it should have a bathroom and kitchen, a spacious sitting area and a small library. I could have a pool and a deck at the b…