How to be a #GoGinhawa Mom

Photo from Calpol Philippines Facebook page
Tag-ulan na naman at uso na naman ang sakit gaya ng lagnat. Make sure you have medicines at home. When my kids get fever I let them take Calpol because they respond to it right away. Since it comes in child-friendly flavors it was easier for them to consume it. Mabilis bumababa ang lagnat nila with Calpol. My kids' pedia recommends it too and she even gave me a helpful formula for determining the amount of paracetamol to give for fever/pain. Here's how: Weight in kg x 10 mg (range is 10-15 mg/kg body weight) every 4 hours for temp. 37.8 or higher. Example: 14 kg x 10 = 140mg every 4 hours if with fever. Stock size bought is Calpol 250mg/5ml.

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