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My Zalora Wishlist + 12.12 Lucky Dip

Shopping is therapeutic, even if it's simply window shopping. It lifts up your mood, inspires you and motivates you to earn money for that clothes, shoes or bag that caught your eye recently. I just love window shopping. When it gets really boring and I have a lot of time to spare, I browse for various products online. One of the shopping sites that I love browsing over and over again is ZALORA (Asia's Online Fashion Destination - Your one stop for the latest styles and brands). Why? Simply because they have a lot of affordable and branded items for everyone. They have clothes, shoes, accessories, watches, bags, sports items, beauty items, K-Fashion items and more. If you are looking for suitable gifts for your loved ones, you should shop at Zalora. They are offering up to 40% off this season on various Zalora items. Check out what's on sale at!
Since I love hanging out at Zalora, I made a wishlist. These are the items that I love to receive this Christmas f…

My #SSIwishlist

I'm getting fond of making wishlists lately, perhaps because Christmas is fast approaching and I was hoping that Santa would grant one of my wishes: shopping or travel gcs please! Anyway, I'm joining SSI Life Wishlist contest to win P5,000.00 worth of items from their shop. "SSI Life (Stores Specialist, Inc.) is a member of the SSI Group - the number one specialty retailer in the Philippines having the biggest international brand portfolio and largest store network." They offer brands like Nine West, Marks & Spencer, LeSportsac, Lacoste, Boss, High Sierra, Gucci, Gap, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani Exchange and a lot more.

What's on my wishlist?

1. Red Herring Dark Turquoise Textured Dolly Coat - P3,296.00

2. Superga 2750 Fabricw Bahamas shoes - P2,250.00
3. Armani Exchange AX Women's ROSE GOLD Sarena Watch - P10,050.00

4. Max Factor Creme Puff Blush - P675.00
5. Covergirl Colorlicious Lipstick - P395.00
SSI Life offers a wide variety of products for women, …

5 Tips to Boost Your Immunity during the Holidays

Less than 30 days before Christmas and that means Christmas rush, isn't it? We have a few more days to prepare for everything such as buy presents and wrap it in fancy Christmas wrappers, then plan for Noche Buena and Christmas day, as well as attend Christmas parties and family reunions. Well, as for me, I have a lot of things to accomplish on my To Do list, since I have three roles: mother, student and home-based writer.

As a mother I have to... plan out the budget for my kids' Christmas party at school since I have to buy them new clothes and gifts for their classmates and teacher, plan the Christmas dinner and celebration at home, surprise kids with gifts from Santa Mama and Papa, and then plan for Nat's 8th birthday on December 31. In addition, we are also the host for this year's family reunion. As a college student I need to... submit all the requirements at school before Christmas break which includes a big book project for Developmental Reading 2, reflection p…

Taking Gifting to the Next Level

Christmas time brings a lot of good memories of my childhood. I remember, my and siblings I used to hang our school socks at the window on Christmas eve. Then, we would wait for Santa to come along to drop our presents until mommy would send us to bed. On Christmas day we kids would hurry to see what Santa has brought us this time: one shiny red apple, a handful of candies and a 20-peso bill for each of us. Actually, I don't expect much from Santa. Times were hard. I thought we were still lucky for Santa didn't forget to send us some gifts since there were thousands of children who wrote him a letter and sent their Christmas wishes.
Now that I'm already a mother I still feel excited over Christmas because of my kids. Their papa and I play secret Santa each year just like my parents did for me and my siblings back then. I start earning for their Christmas presents before December arrives. I make sure that once they check out their Christmas socks they would be happy to see…

How to get beautiful #ANNEderarms

I started plucking at age 15, later I switched to shaving. I'm quite hairy that hair starts to grow quickly a week after shaving. Both ways plucking and shaving has caused my underarms to darken, roughen and develop chicken skin. I tried various products to treat my underarm problems such as whitening creams and deodorant, and even natural remedies like salt and lemon extracts. I tried but nothing works... Due to various underarm problems I lost the confidence to wear fancy tops hence I just suit myself wearing longer sleeves. So I decided to try this Belo Beauty Deo which includes a deo by day and whitening cream at night. After two consecutive weeks I noticed the dramatic effect. I'm getting beautiful #ANNEderarms! I used to have chicken skin yet now it has smoothen and my underarms is getting whiter and fairer everyday. My self-confidence is boosting and I am no longer hesitant to flaunt my underarms.
Did you know? The Beauty Deo solves all underarm problems like sweat, odor…

Finding my dream home at Property24

I've always wanted to have my own house.. My parents were never able to save up on a new house because they invest most of their hard-earned money for our education. They don't have high-paying jobs either so getting a new house seems like impractical for the moment. We used to live in a one-bedroom apartment unit so ever since I was a kid I wanted to have my own room. My siblings and I share in a narrow bed when we were kids. We share rooms with our parents as well. You can imagine how uncomfortable and inconvenient for us to sleep together all in one room.
Perhaps, you were wondering how my dream house looks like. Okay, when I dream I try to be realistic as possible because I wanted to achieve that dream in a few years time. I'm dreaming of a two-storey house with four bedrooms, one for each of my kids, a guestroom and one for us, parents. Of course, it should have a bathroom and kitchen, a spacious sitting area and a small library. I could have a pool and a deck at the b…